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Holistic Support for Community Wellness

Foundation for a Path Forward has partnered with a diverse and representative group of organizations to create an alliance for mental health and wellbeing. Many of the challenges faced by the general public also face faith communities. Including addiction, trauma, PTSD, racism, and other life harming issues. Our work with SACH Community Hub (founding partner), ASPIRE counselling, the Muslim Care Centre (founding partner), House Call for Humanity, and others is designed to provide culturally-adaptive care to those who need it.

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The South Asian Community Hub (SACH) is a Cross-sector, inter-agency, and collaborative intervention offering wrap around services. Located in the Newton neighbourhood of Surrey, BC it provides direct services for those experiencing issues related to substance abuse, mental health, and socioeconomic factors.


SACH partners include representatives from the leading Sikh and Muslim organizations in BC - working tighter to serve and unite communities. 

Key offerings:

  • Centralized entry point: a case manager identifies individual needs, advocates for clients and their families, connects to supports on and off site

  • Mobilizes multi-sectoral services for rapid risk mitigation to address both the immediate and long-term needs of clients

  • Low barrier approach: one entry point, single site, culturally and linguistically appropriate

  • Provides rapid culturally appropriate services

  • Reduces language barriers to accessing services

  • Addresses multiple needs and concerns at a single site

  • Provides consistency with accessing and receiving services

  • Reduces the number of times clients share their stories

  • Encourages collaboration with community partners

  • Identifies vulnerable clients and advocacy needed

  • Increases sharing of knowledge and expertise

  • Identifies service gaps and drives the creation of innovative solutions

  • Strengthens and builds healthier communities

HC4H is a Canadian Non-profit charitable organization which focuses specifically in the provision of safe, effective and sustainable health care.

They provide free chiropractic care to vulnerable individuals in Vancouver, as well as on international missions. 

HC4H provides a unique and powerful platform for qualified licensed health care professionals who wish to serve humanity, reconnect to their passion and purpose, and donate their time and services directly in the assistance of the needy.


ASPIRE aims to empower individuals and families who are in need by connecting them with volunteer caseworkers. They provide in-depth training to prepare their caseworkers to support and motivate clients . Their caseworkers work from a trauma-informed lens and provide support that honors the dignity of each client.

In the context of the Covid 19 pandemic this program has become even more important as caseworkers play an essential role in ensuring that clients do not become socially isolated. They continue to provide 1-on-1 support through remote check-ins thereby connecting clients to available resources and helping clients navigate their way through this pandemic.

The Muslim Care Centre is an essential service in the City of Vancouver providing daily nourishment for dozens fo people on the Downtown East Side of Vancouver. It serves anyone, and everyone. The Centre addresses social and wellness issues including addiction recovery, holistic wellbeing, and social services.

Since it's start in August 2019, the Muslim Care Centre has helped tens of thousands of people meet their nutritional, physical, psychological, and spiritual needs.