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Building Relationships

Over 6 years of community engagement, security initiatives, cultural outreach, and safety training with Law Enforcement has resulted in positive relationships, friendships, understanding, and collaboration between Faith Communities and Law Enforcement agencies across British Columbia.


Our work with the RCMP

We build upon the community and law enforcement out reach pioneered by Islam Unravelled Anti-Racism Initiative to support faith communities with the resources and follow up the RCMP can bring to address challenges. We work closely with their Hate Crimes division to follow up on incidents of hate motivated crimes against faith communities in BC, report hate crimes, protect houses of worship, and advise on best practices. 

Our community outreach includes dozens of events at mosques and houses of worship to engage with the community, build mutual trust and support. The cultural differences from Canadians of dozens of national and ethnic backgrounds, religious understandings, rural and urban upbringings, and more are contextualized for our Law Enforcement Partners in order to better serve and protect their communities. 

The BC Hate Crimes Team that we worked hand-in-hand with included:

  • Superintendent John Brewer who Served as Officer in Charge Enhanced Community and Aboriginal Policing Services; RCMP “E” Division.

  • RCMP Cpl. Anthony Statham 

  • New Westminster Police Department Det.-Cst. Gareth Blount

Letters of Support from the RCMP

Our work with the Vancouver Police Department

The Vancouver Police Department is the police force for the City of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. It is one of several police departments within the Metro Vancouver Area and is the second largest police force in the province after RCMP "E" Division. As our organization is headquartered in Vancouver, we have established a close partnership with the VPD. 


In 2021 our executive team was invited to participate in the VPD's Citizens Police Academy - where we gained a better understanding of how the VPD operates and how we can build a more productive partnership between them and the diverse community they serve in Vancouver. ​

Together the Vancouver Police Department and Foundation for a Path Forward | Islam Unravelled Anti-Racism Initiative have impacted thousands of  people in B.C. through our joint programs. Our Community Safety and Security program offered in partnership with the VPD saw over 109 Muslim faith community leaders participate in learning best practices for protecting their houses of worship and families from attacks or hate crimes. 

In the aftermath of terrorist attacks such as the Quebec City Mosque Shootings, the Christ Church, NZ Mosque Shootings, and the London ON attack, we worked with the VPD to provide increased protection for houses of worship in Vancouver. We have developed close friendships with many on the force and have been able to build bridges of trust and cooperation between the VPD and BIPOC communities in Vancouver. 

Letters of Support from the VPD


Metro Vancouver Transit Police 

The Metro Vancouver Transit Police, previously the Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority Police Service and formally the South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority Police Service, is the police force for TransLink, the public transit system of the Metro Vancouver region of British Columbia, Canada. 

Our work with the MVTP included community outreach and education, presentations to faith communities, following up on hate crimes, working together on building partnerships with faith communities, hiring drives, and more. Recently we have been working on hate reporting awareness campaigns and "what to do" educational outreach. As most of the victims of hate crimes (0ver 70%) are women - Asian, Indigenous, Muslim or otherwise, we have focused on programs specifically to support the safety and security of women on transit. 

Letters of Support from the MVTP

Surrey Police Service

The Surrey Police Service is a municipal police force currently proposed for the City of Surrey in British Columbia, Canada. It will be one of several police departments within the Metro Vancouver Area once the operations are handed over from Royal Canadian Mounted Police to SPS in 2022. 

Foundation for a Path Forward has been selected by the SPS to provide Community Safety (Awareness, Understanding, and Adaptability) Training for their officers. We are starting with courses providing a deeper understanding of Muslims, Muslim culture (52 different Muslim Majority Nations etc.) Islam (and its different Schools of Thought), and the Muslim Community in Surrey. 


Past Community Safety Events with Law Enforcement