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Our organization Foundation For A Path Forward has been able to work with allies across communities in building a #HateFreeBC. Due to this work, we were nominated by the Province of B.C. to be the Official Faith Based Community Convener for anti-Racism, working in partnership with Resilience B.C. and Parliamentary Secretary for Anti-Racism Initiatives, MLA Rachna Singh. 

We take a start-up mindset towards developing solutions for key challenges faced by Canadians. Through this lens we are developing and delivering creative and impactful solutions for Racism, Climate Change, Gender Equality, Youth Engagement, Mental Health, Social Technological Innovations, LBGTQ2S+ Inclusion, and Refugee/Immigrant Support. 

In 2020-2021 we impacted 400,000+ people, formed over 200+ organizational relationships and opened an office in Toronto to take the same Silo-Busting, evidence-based approach pioneered in B.C. across the country. 

As part of our mission to develop Global to Local Connections for Local to Global Impact, we are excited to announce that the Islam Unravelled Anti-Racism Initiative will now be conducting it's anti-racism work under Foundation for a Path Forward. This strategic step forward is the next stage in developing innovative and impactful solutions to support our initiatives. Islam Unravelled will focus on the important work of combating bigotry and Islamophobia in B.C.

Our 5A Strategy for systemic improvement:


1. Awareness — through education and engagement, with government, law enforcement, the public, faith communities through podcasts, events, and interfaith exchanges (visits, presentations, meals, Q&A) at one another’s places of worship to facilitate understanding. 


2. Allyship — working with representatives from all racial and religious communities against systemic racism, discrimination, and exclusion. 


3. Access — centralize and share resources for minority and/or disenfranchised communities to equitably participate in society.


4. Agency — Education and engagement programs to provide skills and training for students, women, seniors, refugees, new Canadians, and other groups to learn anti-racism skills, what to do when faced with bullying or discrimination, and how to stand up as an ally for each other. We work with our partners to provide mental health, nutrition, job, and social support.


5. Advisory — Working together with as well as advising municipal, provincial, First Nations, and federal governments to address community concerns and issues.

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